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Educational Attainment: Professional Degrees

Critical to economic, civil, and personal health viability is Education Attainment (CFH, 2012). Higher levels of education directly produce healthier behaviors such as more exercise and enhanced nutrition; better jobs and income and higher quality neighborhoods; and more resources for healthcare (Sanborn, 2012). According to the 2010 decennial census, 38.7% of persons without a high school diploma were unemployed. Of the 61.3% of persons without a diploma, that were employed, the median earnings was $17,338 in 2010. The median earnings in the City of Houston was $30,241 and the median earnings of persons with a college or associate’s degree was $30,313 (US Bureau of Census 2010). This suggests that the average Houstonian has some college or an associates degree. The high school diploma is the fundamental threshold for the achievement of enhanced quality of life. Education is the number one indicator among sustainability indicator studies across the country (Blackburn, 2011).

Sustainability Benefit: The graduation rate for High School is increasing.

Sustainability Issue: There exists a gap between the graduation rates of the White student population and all other groups.


Educational Attainment: Professional Degrees in the Sustainable Development Goals

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